Foreign VAT Reclaim
    Foreign VAT can be reclaimed throughout Europe and in a growing number of other countries. At the same time as international business travel is increasing so is the volume of unclaimed, or unsuccessfully claimed, eligible VAT. In addition more and more countries are adopting VAT.
    Companies operating across borders will usually incur foreign VAT on their business expenses which are reclaimable under the 8th and 13th EU VAT Directives.
    The common services for which VAT can be recovered are:
    Conferences, exhibitions, training courses as well as regular travel expenses such as hotel, car rental and meals. However, the list of services, the VAT rates and regulations, and the required documentation vary from country to country and frequently change.
    VAT applications must be submitted at the tax authorities in the countries where the expenses are incurred and within specific deadlines. Listing the invoices and meeting the authorities’ application requirements is a time-consuming and complex task aggravated by language differences.
    As a result, many companies end up not claiming all the VAT that they are entitled to. Our VAT experts can assist you apply and recover your 8th and 13th VAT claims in an efficient, effective and timely manner. We manage the application process from submission to refund. In addition we offer a full range of related services to maximise your VAT return.

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