Studio Giacalone has been operating for 23 years, with offices in Milan, Varese and Gallarate (near Malpensa Airport). Tax advice, mergers, as well as estimates, finance and movable property value operations are main areas of work. The firm operates in Italy and in any case guaranteeing complete assistance to clients in the countries where it does not operate directly, thanks to well-established collaboration relationships with leading international law firms. It supports Italian clients in "operations" with foreign countries, and also foreign clients in "operations" with Italy. Our firm aims to supply high professional quality services through a planning based on:
attention to our clients’ real needs, deepening the relationships and warranting a differentiation and personalization of the answers and of the suggested solutions;
steady updating of the organization and of the clients themselves, through meetings and conferences

Our philosophy is based on a complete client aid, the client is the principal focus of our activities. We give a great importance to working with a creative team, identification with the clients, orientation towards the market, analytical thought, singular initiative and care. We offer an interdisciplinary advice and develop operative solutions suitable to all clients requests, specially related with tax, judicial and business advice, this approach allows us to analyse our clients’ problems from different points of view, we can elaborate particular problems and develop complex solutions. These aims are reachable thanks to a qualified staff who, even though in the peculiar specialization of each member, works with integrated modalities and constant interchanges for each activity.